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바이브레이션 센싱(Vibration Sensing)

Colibrys의 가속도계는 진동/관성/경사 측정을 목적으로 하는 넓은 레인지가 요구되는 제품에적합한 제품입니다.
내구성과 저전력 디자인을 지닌 뛰어난 바이어스 안정성과 높은 대역폭을 가지며, 우수한 신뢰성을 보증합니다.


-. 군사/항공
Flutter testing, HUMS(health and usage monitoring system), launch testing, modal testing, weapon handling monitoring, landing gear, wind tunnel and more.

-. 산업용
Test, measurement and R&D Crash testing, ground vibration testing(GVT), road response, quality assurance, modal analysis and more.

-. 진동 측정 및 콘트롤
Train and railway monitoring and testing, transportation, structure monitoring, vibration stress screaning, homeland security, low frequency machinery and more.

-. 에너지
Platform monitoring, HUMS, structural monitoring, pipeline monitoring, down-hole vibration monitoring, pipeline health and structure integrity monitoring, wind turbines and more.


Good bias stability for high bandwidth

± 2g, ±10g Full scale range

High shock

Low cost for advanced specifications

Low power analog voltage output

TO8 packaging


Extended bandwidth (DC to >1.0 kHz @ 5%)

± 2g to ± 200g Full scale range

Extra small LCC20 packaging (8.9mm x 8.9mm)

Harsh environment (shock, vibration, temperature)

High reliability

Low power analog voltage output

Brown out protected

Integrated temperature sensor

문의처 : 강동완 차장, TEL02-556-5288 , e-mail : kang@midoriya.co.jp